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Simon Pars as a mining and mineral processing company is internationally active in the industrial minerals market and with the usage of modern exploration, extraction and mineral processing has obtained its reputation and validity as an international manufacturing and supplying for the semi-finished and finished powder products in a number of products applications.

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TechInnoProm Exhibition

The international exhibition of Industrial technologies and innovations TechInnoProm The Exhibition is included in the program of Belarusian Industrial and Investment ForumInternational symposium «Technologies. Equipment. Quality»

Polymers & Composites Exhibition

The exhibition is included in the program of Belarusian Industrial and Investment Forum, which is annually organized since 1997 and became famous interstate event.At the same time and place with Polymers&Composites will be held the 24nd international exhibition TechInnoProm

Chemistry. Oil & Gas Exhibition

The international specialized Exhibition "Chemistry. Oil & Gas" has been held in Minsk since 1994. It aimed at informing the specialists about the current state of the chemical technologies market, as well as to promote development of perspective scientific and technological innovations in chemistry

Proweld Exhibition

We invite you to participate in the 5th international exhibition PROWELD, which will take place on September 28 – 30, 2021 at the same time and place with the 17th Competition of welders of Belarus .



Feasibility studies to identify investment opportunities in metallic and non-metallic mines

Therefore, according to the existing potentials in the region, Simon Pars South Company, using skilled experts, is studying and analyzing geological maps and exploration information, and final reports of exploration operations of various mines, including lead and zinc, hematite, fluorite. And ... is

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Remote sensing studies on mineral exploration and exploration of Nafisabad, Yazd

Gholamipour: Remote sensing data have a great potential for recognizing altered areas related to deposit masses and as a result exploration of mineral reserves, especially in arid areas. Satellite imagery can be used to identify belts and mineralization sites due to their large

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Supplementary exploration plan and extraction optimization

At present, the project of supplementary studies and explorations of "Nafisabad Oligist Mine", as one of the development projects of Simon Pars South Company, has been underway since the beginning of September of this year.

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Simon Pars' priority is to develop explorations and gain new reserves.

Taheri, referring to the naming of this year as the production leap, stated: The fundamental realization of the production leap is in the development of the company. Therefore, conducting extensive explorations is one of the main policies of Simon Pars in the new era, in which extensive

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