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About Simon Pars 

Simon Pars as a mining and mineral processing company is internationally active in the industrial minerals market and with the usage of modern exploration, extraction and mineral processing has obtained its reputation and validity as an international manufacturing and supplying for the semi-finished and finished powder products in a number of products applications.

Simon Pars Aims and Objectives

Simon Pars was established in 2008 and today it has various mines and modern mineral processing production lines for many important minerals such as Hematite & Ologist, Calcium Carbonate and Gilsonite and also its products have played a paramount role in both today's Iran market & exporting to many countries, especially the world's largest market, Europe.

Simon Pars Exposing the best quality of development and introducing novel products have always been the main goal of our company, that is why our research and development team has best struggles to provide our customers with new products as well as offer feasible solutions, maintain product quality, security of supply, safety and the environment and ethical behavior.

Simon Pars Structure

Organizational Chart


Dubai Office: No. LB155518, Jebel Ali,  P.O. BOX: 262273, Dubai, U.A.E

Iran Office: No.70, Andarzgou Blvd, Qeytariyeh St, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821) 24575365

Postalcode: 1938863117

Email: info@simonpars.com

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