Actions of Simon Pars Company against Corona:

Whereas, according to the country's health officials, mines and mineral industries are among the places at risk of contracting the corona virus; Simon Pars South Company has formed a working group and meetings in this field to prevent the spread of this virus with the necessary measures. Simon Pars South by holding regular meetings of the Corona Virus Control Committee in its mining company, while using all available resources to fight against the virus and maintain the health of its personnel, fully controls and ensures the conditions in its headquarters and mines. There should be no suspicious case in this regard. Accordingly, some preventive measures of the Corona Virus Committee in Simon Pars South Company, cancellation of missions outside the province, monitoring of returning agents from high prevalence areas, cancellation of visitors, continuous monitoring of fever and blood oxygen of all personnel on a daily basis, reduction of 50 Percentage of staff and administrative staff, monitoring the observance of all hygienic points, including food and personal health protection, wide distribution of personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and hand sanitizers among staff and purchasing surface disinfectants for use at the site and headquarters It includes reducing the activity of project forces, reducing the working hours of personnel and many other measures. End of message

Anti-corrosion coating for the Eiffel Tower

Anti-corrosion coating for the Eiffel Tower


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