Feasibility studies to identify investment opportunities in metallic and non-metallic mines

The type and volume of different minerals in Iran has made this country one of the important centers in the mining sector. On the one hand, the central regions are part of the tectonic state of Central Iran, which contains various metal and non-metallic mineral reserves, which require more investment to extract and create conversion industries.

Yazd province in the structural zone of Central Iran, due to abundant mineral resources and reserves and high mineral potential is one of the potential areas of the country that the exploration and exploitation of its mines is very important. Mineral reserves of Yazd province can be divided into three groups: metallic, non-metallic, and decorative stones and facades. Chadormolov large iron ore mine Choghart Bafgh iron ore mine, Kushkak lead and zinc mine, Mehdiabad lead and zinc mine, Saghd uranium mine, etc. are among the province's metal mineral resources. Non-metallic ores also have the potential presence of fluorite, perlite, bentonite, feldspar, alum, kaolin, asbestos and potash.

Therefore, according to the existing potentials in the region, Simon Pars South Company, using skilled experts, is studying and analyzing geological maps and exploration information, and final reports of exploration operations of various mines, including lead and zinc, hematite, fluorite. And ... is.


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