Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC)

Ground Calcium Carbonate (SIMONO®GCC), commonly referred to as GCC, is processed through our naturally occurring high purity Calcite ores containing CaCO3 as major component. The production of SIMONO®GCC includes the selection of Calcite ore as raw materials, crush, fine grinding and then classifying precisely to attain the outstanding high quality finished products available in a variety of grades.

Particle size, color and chemical purity are three primary attributes to define the quality of the GCC and the suitability for any given application.

Calcium carbonate is subject to attack by acidic environments, which has led to the damage of Calcite buildings and monuments by acid rain. For industrial uses, the effect of an acid can be somewhat reduced by treating the GCC powder with fatty acids to put a non-polar, organic material on the surface.

The significant features of SIMONO®GCC are high purity, high whiteness and brightness, large surface area, controlled particle size, high stability and easy to use. SIMONO®GCC are available in a broad range of sizes of 2 millimeters to 1 microns.





Fe2O3 Al2O3 SiO MgO CaO


White < 0.01% < 0.01% 0.1 % 0.1 % 0.3 %  55.8%
99.6 %  43.7 %



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